230111_558828857465700_205333454_nKARMA IS A BITCH!!



Before today they meant just the nice captivating attention seeking status on social networking sites for me…TODAY MY THEORIES CHANGED

Nothing is more heartbreaking than experiencing these in real life. I am not talking about the love affair things else that itself would become a huge topic to entertain you guys. I think there comes a point in everyone’s life where we just want to disappear..Start everything fresh but alas there is no turning back.

No one can make you understand this except when you yourself will go through this trauma situation.

Believe me it sucks….you can go hours crying without even a tinge of it being noticed by someone.Take a advice LET IT GO !!!! People who did not worry before hurting you are worth not having at all in your life. You are a beautiful caterpillar ready to turn into a butterfly.DO NOT allow people to catch you easily.World is full of devils,bitches,masked people. Human emotions are the one who ruins us in seconds.

Ok just think about the friends you had in kindergarten,school,high school. There wont be more than 4-5 people who are currently interested in your life. What happened to others ??..Maybe you will say that why should I care..who gives a DAMN well then why are you giving DAMN to people whom you have known for 1-2 years…just cut them off you will thank yourself…Do not go with the flow make a change. Don’t stalk your batchmates on networking sites..they were no better than you..just do anything dance,write,travel but don’t be the bitch/dog kind of people..If someone expects from you that means they value you ..believe me that is the best thing ever. Let the people do what they are doing. I know its hard not to care or get emotionally detached ..DO IT SOONER OR YOU WILL SEE YOUR VALUE IN YOUR EYES WILL BE ZERO. Give the people something to cry about that you have got and SUCCESS is the best solution of all your problems.


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