b1Kesariya balam aao ni,Padharo ni mhare des re

(My saffron love,come Please come to my land)

Accompanied by the Dholak drums,the fiddle called Kamaycha and the symbols called Khadtal,the Manganiyars performed on a cultural festival held at Jaswant Thada(Taj mahal of marwar).

Man singing the song wore dhoti,kurti,angarkha and colourful safa (kind of turban headgear),his  fellows who were playing the instrument wore the same except dhoti.,they wore Chudidar payjama  (puckered trousers).

As I comfortably lay on the mattress,adjusted the throw  pillows a bit and felt that the words of the songs were breathtakingly beautiful.

Jaswant Thada provides a perfect picture point of jodhpur.From this vantage point,one can capture the Mehrangarh Fort and natural landscape.The mausoleum is built out of intricately carved sheets of marble.These sheets are extremely thin and polished so that they emit a warm glow when illuminated by the sun.

Though the song was sung by a male is a song representing a woman’s love.The colour of kesar is a very dark shade of brown,almost resembling the dark skin of Rajasthani men.The girl is calling out to her love who is like saffron,in not just the shade of skin but also in being so auspicious in her life.He is her kesariya balam and she is welcoming him home.

The women folk wore wide gathered skirts and a hip length jacket,with three quarter length sleeves,covering the fron and back.They wore jewelry on many parts  of their body like feet,head,forehead,ear,nose,neck,arms,wrist,fingers,waist.

The music and the brightly attired people were lending a romantic aura to the cluster of royal cenotaphs of the Jodhpur royal house.

There was an amazing grace as the skirts flair slowly while the women twirl in circles,their faces covered with the help of veils.They used measured steps and various graceful inclinations of the body,beating palms or snapping fingers at particular cadences while singing lilting songs.

I descried that moment and beauty of it is indescribable.

Padharo ni mhare des re..padharo ni mhare des…303152_10150361977612197_290976737_n


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