Flames they licked the walls, tenderly they turned to dust all that I adore.

I am afraid to grow up because sometimes it seems like things will never feel this beautiful again.

Why is it that my heart is so touched whenever I meet a dog lost in our noisy streets?

I want to go back to believing in everything and know nothing at all.

A child can teach three things

To be happy for no reason

Be curious

Fight tirelessly for something


Things have changed since then, gawdy colours, pompous houses. Changes are part of growing up but nostalgic feel is never driven away.

Where I have been in these 10 years. I asked myself. Once you  step out of home, the only way to tie up to your roots are vacations. I closed my eyes and all the memories just flashed with a blink.

Dear 10 year old me

Don’t run away from that white black spotted Dog he is not going to hurt you. Stop worrying about your math’s one is going to remember it. Enjoy the breeze that is making your hair go messier. You can cheat in game it’s okay..Nothing to feel guilty about. Try playing cricket no one is going to judge you and drop the key of low confidence.

Yes, you have to go home but that is because your mom and dad care a way lot about you .Don’t be angry at them. The plan you make are quixotic sometimes so they don’t support it but believe me one day you will long for their advice.

Yes,mumma spends most of the time with your 3 old brother but don’t feel neglected 10 years from will love and support him better than the rest of world. He will be your beautiful habit!!

You don’t know that you are going to be an awesome coolest person that I never know. The strongest of all. You will do a lot of mistakes but that will shape you to be an imperfect piece of humanity beautifully placed.

I like how you love wearing short skirts and love shopping. Believe me you are going to be a hard core shopaholic, well thanks to mom she never said no to nothing you wanted. You know you would shop online in the coming years. Sounds exciting. right but shops are way better.

Cherish the feeling of being on top in the class always because you are going to be that badass who will not care enough but grades..Yes it’s going to happen.

Don’t complain about muddy roads, one day they will turn into roads perfect for cycling with vehicles always making sound and it will suck. I love how you laugh..Such an innocent laugh.

Don’t run away from grandpa’s stories, he doesn’t have much time left.YouI know all the People of colony are very fond of you, you will always be loved . Such a jolly person you are.

My eyes opened as I heard a car blowing horn.

Unknown faces smiled at me like they knew me, I smiled back in gesture.

Its was puja time and I was already late, I rushed back to my home . I saw mom near the main gate..she opened as soon as she saw me coming. “ Where were you ?” she asked worriedly.

“Nothing just got lost in the streets” I hugged her and replied.

Some things never change, do they ?IMG_1482571263894


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