5-Illegal Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

Nothing in this world is good or bad.Our thinking makes it so.

Some people are good at being bad.


I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy. –Warren Buffett






  • DRUG LORD !!




All of you would be very well aware that to become rich, you need to enter into some great business—be it for the good or the bad. There is one such business which makes a common man the richest in the world. Yes, what we talking about is the drug business.


A drug lord, drug baron, kingpin, or narcotrafficker is a person who controls a sizable network of persons involved in the illegal drug trade



There’s a reason why Scarface isn’t about Tony Montana working hard at a menial honest job while saving money to earn a living nope he was a charismatic explosive drug kingpin that lived an impossibly swank lifestyle although the movie is fictitious it isn’t a far cry from the life of some of the world’s most prominent drug lords





Bolivia’s Roberta Suarez Gomez once offered to pay off his country’s 3.8 billion national debt in exchange for the release from da custody of one of his sons.

Frank Lucas (“Superfly”),Rick Boss,khun sa (“The opium king”) and Levya (“Boss of bosses”) are some richest drug lord of all the times.





  1. HACKING !!


Hacking is unauthorized use of computer and network resources.Hacking is a felony in the United States and most other countries.


In 2008 for instance hackers within the Russian mob stole over 9 million dollars from ATM machines all over the world by

cloning debit cards and increasing their withdrawal limits thereby enabling them to withdrawal massive some without drawing much attention.

Stephen Wozniak,The co-founder of Apple started out as a hacker.






Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession, but understanding the size and scope of this economy, and the methods and actors involved in this trade, is still a murky endeavor. But a groundbreaking study released by the Urban Institute sheds new light on how much money is generated by the underground commercial sex economy in American cities.


In major American cities like Seattle, Miami, and Atlanta, the local underground sex economy can rake in upward of $100 million a year.Most of the Urban Institute’s subjects preferred to identify as business managers, businessmen, or madams.






“We were piss poor,” said a pimp. “I remember when I was little I was on welfare. I lived in the projects. Dope fiends, pimps, and prostitutes. Gang bangers, [a] helicopter over your roof. That’s no way to live. Seeing glitz and glamour, I always wanted that.”






  1. Counterfeiting !!


Counterfeiting one of the toughest crimes are cracked down on some estimates suggest the practice of counterfeiting can be worth as much as 250 billion dollars annually


According to the study of Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), counterfeit goods make up 5 to 7% of World Trade,












The subject of the movie Mister 880, Edward Mueller (whose was real name was Emerich Juettner) was world-renowned as the man who, probably, remained uncaught for his counterfeiting for the greatest length of time. Mueller’s success lay in his moderation. Rather than trying to counterfeit larger bills for an instant high-cash payout, he stuck with counterfeiting and spending lowly $1 bills locally in New York.




  1. Weapons trafficking !!


Every country boasts means of defending themselves their military action and well those tools of Defense have to come from somewhere enter slew of international arms dealers that have abandoned any moral or ethical direction in exchange for lots and lots and lots of money


According to a study by the Small Arms Survey, there are an estimated 10 million firearms and guns circulating in the hands of civilians in Thailand and

According to research organization Demoskopika in Italy, the mafia syndicate ‘Ndrangheta collected $73 Billion (€53 Billion) in revenue in 2013.







Lord of War has Nicolas Cage playing an illegal arms dealer.


Money is the sixth sense that makes it possible to enjoy the other five-Richard Ney




                                                                                                                       -MEGHA CHOUDHARY


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